Day 8 final day

Guest blogger Sam Griffith writing so this will be short as I do not have the calloused thumbs that Jeff has.
Very emotional day as with Jeff gone it hit home with a number of the folks that the week and tournament is over.
In the 3rd place game, Kaunas beats Sporto Vilkai the other Lithuanian team in the 8th inning 7 to 5 in a true nail bitter. Championship game has the Czech team beating Belarus 12 to 7. Game much better than the score represents. In the second game we had 4 rain delays for over an hour in total non playing time. The field crew on the field with brooms and shovels digging ditches to drain the water after torrential downpour with over 40 MPH winds, brutal, no one works harder than Tomas and his crew of kids.
In the post tournament awards ceremony, Best Hitter – Tomasz Hrubon, Czech, Best Pitcher – Aliaksandr Damilin, Belarus, MVP to Martin Smoldas, Czech.
Jeff had given young Ed a hockey style mask. Since Ed was the plate ump for the championship game, he was not on the 1st game. Ed sat in the stands for the whole 1st game practicing taking it off and making sure his hat stayed on. When it came time for his plate, he went back to his normal mask, “not enough practice time, I have to look good”.
It has been a great 5 years, have loved every minute of everyday. Would go anywhere and at anytime with Jeffas and Bobbas. If any readers are looking to travel somewhere with the most hospitable people on this earth, Lithuania is the place to go without a doubt.
As a private note, thanks to Marsha and Debs for letting Jeff and I disappear for a couple of weeks every year. Dashem – Shitas Garay – Achoo
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2 Responses to Day 8 final day

  1. Ed says:

    THANK YOU THREE AMIGOS! EVERYTHING WHAT YOU DID FOR LITHUANIA BASEBALL IS INVALUABLE!!! I’m 100% sure, that we will never forget you and definitely we will meet again somewhere in this small world.

    Thank YOU Jeff!
    Thank YOU Sam!
    Thank YOu Bobby!

    Your friend Edgaras Matusevicius

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